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And with Rudy Reyes introduces the newest member of the Wide receiving core, @PatMcSweeney9. In a recent interview, we delved into Pat’s journey from Coastal Carolina, touching on personal topics like his late father, life on and off the football field, and much more. Stay tuned for an insightful conversation with this rising star! with Rudy Reyes and Jeff Barnes, we make a hard drive to the iron with hard hitting conversations about the Women’s NCAA Audience front facing the truth that they had overtaken the Men’s share of the viewing audience, Coaching changes in Kentucky that do not include John Calipari coaching any longer but in Arkansas being in need of “New Voice.” How NIL money has ruined the Men’s sports but could see a revival back to how the money grab could change the athletes, and the NCAA organization as a whole.

In this impactful edition of with Rudy Reyes joined by Jeff Barnes, we discuss the Mental Health issues all profession and student athletes alike. Wide receivers, defensive backs, linemen, and tight ends were 70% more likely to report cognitive impairment and 40% more likely to report depression when compared to the lowest risk group. Having a longer NFL career significantly increases the risk of cognitive impairment and depression later in life. According to LinkedIn, about 30% of professional football players have experienced symptoms of anxiety, depression, or other psychological disorders. A survey of 1,063 former NFL players found that 25.6% of players aged 30–49 and 22.9% of players 50 and older reported current or lifetime depression. Another study found that 26% of players reported symptoms of anxiety, 24% reported symptoms of depression, and 18% reported symptoms of both and much more 040324.


Welcome to with Rudy Reyes on the FiredUp Network. We can be seen on TrueTvPlus on Roku and other devices. Download it today! We’re joined this morning by former Steelers cornerback and current CBS NFL Analyst, Bryant McFadden. Bryant played for Pittsburgh and Arizona, not to mention a 2-time Super Bowl Champion.  @CBS  @steelers  #draft #wilson #fields #picks

Tune In Tonight. with Rudy Reyes welcomes @sweeptheleague to discuss the NBA. Do the Celtics falter as they clearly avoid the play-in tournament? Are The Bucks trending in the right direction, and is the NFL Free Agency market more interesting now that running backs are plentiful? Are they even more devalued now?

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Tune in tonight to with Rudy Reyes as he welcomes @sweeptheleague to discuss the latest in the NBA and NFL.

Join the conversation as they dive into the Celtics’ current position, whether they will avoid the play-in tournament and the Bucks’ upward trend. They’ll also discuss the NFL Free Agency market and the impact of the plentiful running backs, questioning whether they are even more devalued now.

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Watch the full episode here: with Rudy Reyes opening to share his thoughts as Danillo Gallinari enters Milwaukee to play with Giannis and Lillard. Is this a real thing? Is it time for Klay Thompson to pack it up and move on from the Warriors? Victor Wembanyama is taking the grand stage in the NBA and being labeled as a generational talent. Is he the next big thing, and what do other NBA players say about him? 

Watch the full episode here: with Rudy Reyes and Barry Long II discusses this year’s potential division winners in Major League Baseball, with teams bolstering talent involving familiar faces in new places—updates from the parade shooting in Downtown Kansas City, and much more.

Watch the full episode here: with Rudy Reyes and @BarryLongII, we discuss the NBA All-Star failure, the Three-point contest, the viewership was not what it once was, Where the New Jersey Nets go from here now that Kevin Ollie is the interim head coach, will they make the playoffs? Where do the Steelers do in the draft or Free Agency, or will Russell Wilson’s contract with the Broncos negate him in the offseason? Subscribe to @therudedogshow on YouTube, Follow X @rudedogreyes, and visit #russellwilson #nba #allstar #nfl #steelers #seahawks #BroncosCountry #nets
Watch the full episode here: 

Join Rudy Reyes and Barry Long II on as they delve into the current state and future of Super Bowl Parades and the latest on the shootings in Kansas City, the NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears’ needs, and Caitlin Clark’s record-breaking performance in Women’s College Basketball. They also discuss the need for more trust in the Milwaukee Bucks and what to expect from the 2024 NBA All-Star Break. Take advantage of this insightful discussion!

Join Rudy Reyes and Barry Long II on TODAY AT 1P PST as they discuss the aftermath of #SuperBowl, including the halftime entertainment and commercials. They will also be sharing their thoughts on NBA Knicks’ refs call against Brunson that favored the Rockets in the end, the failed attempt by the 76ers and Warriors to reach out to the Lakers regarding LeBron, and Adam Silver’s plan to expand into the Las Vegas Market. Don’t miss out on this exciting discussion on #nfl, #tradedeadline, #NBA, #vegas, #sports, #LakeShow, #LeBron, #knicks, #brunson, #youtube, and make sure to #subscribe to TheRudeDogShow for more!
Watch the full episode here: with Rudy Reyes heading into draft mode and what certain teams will need to accomplish if they want to make a post season run in 2024-25. There are some teams that will need to acquire the right pieces to become present in New Orleans for Super Bowl LIX.
Watch the full episode here: with Rudy Reyes on SB LVIII overreaction Monday, as the Steelers start spring cleaning ahead, MLB on the horizon as spring training approaches, and more. Subscribe to @therudedogshow on YouTube, Follow on X @rudedogreyes, and visit #mlb#nfl#SuperBowl

Watch the full episode here: with Rudy Reyes and @BarryLongII, Zimmer now being inaugurated as the “last of the last coaches” to be hired as the Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator, Jets refueling for another season what does that look like in 2024, we take a closer look at the hot seat Robert Saleh is under in the big apple. Ownership and the fans deserve much better than they have been receiving. Will they get what they are looking for in 2024? Subscribe to @therudedogshow on YouTube, Follow on X @rudedogreyes, and visit #Skol #zimmer #cowboys #jets #saleh #rodgers with Rudy Reyes and Barry Long II discussing Numbers 8 and 24 as the Lakers unveiled one of three Kobe Bryant Statues; who is the next NBA player to earn that honor? Hayden Highsmith’s future could be in jeopardy despite earning stripes to play in the league. Was Baltimore Ravens Wide Receiver, Zay Flowers’ domestic violence known before the AFC Championship game? If so, why was he allowed to play? Swimsuit issues another distraction for an already distracted Patrick Mahomes and much more 020824.

Watch the full episode here: with Rudy Reyes and Barry Long II break down the “Real” goat conversation in the NFL. Will the REAL goat stand up? One day to the NBA trade deadline, who goes where and why?

Watch the full episode here: with Rudy Reyes and Barry Long II, talking all things leading up to the NBA Trade Deadline, is Kingsbury the answer at offensive Coordinator for the Washington Commanders and do they nab Caleb Williams in a number one pick swap with the Chicago Bears in the 2024 NFL Draft. Subscribe to @therudedogshow on YouTube, Follow on X @rudedogreyes

Join with Rudy Reyes for the latest sports updates! This week, we’re discussing the unfortunate news of Joel Embiid’s lateral meniscus injury and upcoming procedure. Additionally, we’ll be covering the California Youth Football Act and Russell Wilson’s heartwarming gift to Vanessa Bryant. On a more somber note, we’ll share the news of Patrick Mahomes’ father’s recent arrest for intoxicated driving. Stay informed on all things #NBATwitter#NBA#NFL#football#SB58, and #youth sports. Catch the full episode here:

Join Rudy Reyes and Barry Long II on as they discuss the ongoing changes in the NFL Landscape. From player departures to new arrivals, we dive deep into how relationships are everything in the National Football League. Don’t miss out on this insightful conversation about building relationships in the NFL. #nfl #coaching #coaches #vikings #seahawks #relationships #building #herewego

Catch the full episode here: with Rudy Reyes and Guest Host, Barry Long II on Rajon Rondo’s gun and drug charges, Embiid injury fine, Adam Silver deserving of new deal, and Chauncey Billups Technical Foul vs. 76ers, and much more 020124.
Catch the full episode here: with Rudy Reyes welcoming the incomparable Barry Long II. Looking ahead is the 2024 NBA All-Star Game; we jump into some NBA News, but first, we recap the starters, those players snubbed, and much more.
Catch the full episode here: with Rudy Reyes, who welcomes Barry Long II discussing all things NBA, the Lakers-Warriors epic battle in the 2nd overtime, the Western Conference standings, who scares you the most as the NBA heads into the All-Star Break, Super Bowl 58 approaching in Las Vegas. Who wins it all and much more 012924.
Catch the full episode here: with Rudy Reyes welcoming WR TE @D_Snyder00 discussing his future as he will enter the #2024 #NFL #Draft 120823. with Rudy Reyes welcomes Miami Dolphins great, O.J. McDuffie to speak on his career, the current Dolphins matchup against the Washington Commanders, and much more.
Catch the full episode here: with Rudy Reyes welcoming Landon Buford talking about the Dallas Cowboys offensive slump, the injury bug, defensive disconnect, injuries throughout the National Football League, and more.







 with Rudy Reyes welcoming Lee Sterling at @paramountsports talking Fresno State who is traveling to take on Arizona State, and in the NFL, Las Vegas taking on the Buffalo Bills. Subscribe to @therudedogshow on YouTube, Follow on X @rudedogreyes and visit, Part Two 091523. with Rudy Reyes welcoming @DraftUtopia talking #AFCNorth #Steelers #Ravens #Bengals and #Browns… Rodgers Injury, will Zach Wilson step up or take a step back against the #Cowboys in Arlington this Sunday? Part One 091523. with Rudy Reyes welcoming John Ryan on betting odds for Week One in the NFL, Who is slated for an upset, who has the best chance to win and much more 091023. with Rudy Reyes discussing NFL Week One, Who doesn’t get it done, what happened to Kansas City against the Detriot Lions and much more 090823. with Rudy Reyes discussing Cut Day in the NFL. What tough cuts mean to coaches and players alike. How strict are some cuts versus others? How did those cuts affect your thoughts about who should have been cut versus those who showed enough in preseason? and much more 082823. with Rudy Reyes is joined by Jarvis Courtney Jr discussing XFL expectations, discussing his strong work ethic, his hopes that the tryouts he attended turn into a reality and much more. with Rudy Reyes welcomes John Ryan previewing the 2023 Dallas Cowboys, Training Camp, and Is Jerry Jones finally getting out of his/Cowboys way in order to win an NFC title? Super Bowl? with Rudy Reyes starts off with the latest injuries in the National Football League, Current players who are on the PUP [Physically Unable To Perform] list and more. with Rudy Reyes and joined by Former, NFL WR Chris Manno. We discuss the upcoming NFL Season. Who were the “Losers and Winners” in Free Agency, and What team has the propensity to win their respective division. with Rudy Reyes on the Ultimate MLB All-Star Snubs incl Tatis Jr., Goldschmidt and others 070423. with Rudy Reyes welcomes John Ryan discussing the odds, advantages of the Red winning the NL Central And how the Atlanta Braves belted four home runs Saturday in a heart-stopping 7-6 win that snapped the Cincinnati Reds 12- game winning streak. What will the Reds need heading into the Agency window and look for? Pitching? Batters or something else? 062623. with Rudy Reyes welcoming @DuPreeShamir talking about Ben Simmons and whether he will not only suit up at all, the connections with other players who were drafted and fell short of getting into their repsective Hall Of Fames 062523. with Rudy Reyes and Scott Sanders on the NBA Champion Denver Nuggets, how they won their first NBA title, are there more to come? Where did the Miami heat fall short and who will they go after in the offseason to prepare for another NBA championship run? with Rudy Reyes on the edge of madness as the Nuggets take a three game lead back to Denver, Miami is in a huge hole as the Nuggets are only one game away from winning their first NBA title. with Rudy Reyes discussing the embarssing loss by the Miami Heat versus the Denver Nuggets at home to take Game 3 of the NBA Finals.


TheRudeDogShow com with Rudy Reyes discussing where the Miami Heat went right and where the Denver Nuggets went wrong. Who wins Game 3 in Miami and who wins the series. with Rudy Reyes talking about The NBA Finals, Game One. I dive into what offensive woes occurred, the lack of defensive transition and overall domination by the Denver Nuggets taking a game one lead in the NBA Finals over the Miami Heat. with Rudy Reyes talking about the #NBAPlayoffs today at 4p PST! | #lakeshow #warriors #youtube #live with Rudy Reyes will be talking on Zion, Pelicans playoff chances, and is it worth keeping him, or perhaps not worth it? At 3p PST #McCollum #Graham #NBAPlayIn #NBAPlayoffs2023 #YouTube #Live @therudedogshowand more 041223. | V: with Rudy Reyes tonight talking Rudy Goebert and his slugfest, and then try to “tackle” the OBJ acquisition for Baltimore Ravens, and does that entice Lamar Jackson to return and more. | V: with Rudy Reyes going over the NBA Play-In Tournament “who’s who”, what seating will each team finally land in, the pecking order of those who are finalizing the regular season, and much more 040623. | V: with Rudy Reyes welcomes Golf Broadcaster, Shon Crewe {Twitter: @ShonCrewe], talking Masters, Mental Health, and the battles players contend with on and off the green. | V: with Rudy Reyes on crowd-pleasing versus pleasantries in women’s basketball. Caitlin Clark will rejoice, as this will not be the last time she will wear a Hawkeye jersey. Not moving onto the next level albeit the #WNBA until 2024, The Angela Reese taunting incident and more. | V: with Rudy Reyes talking NFL Cornerback Drafting, what teams will pick first , shelf lives and much more. | V: with Rudy Reyes, Counting down to Opening Day! Can Aaron Judge repeat last years’ performance, the “too Early to name players awards” award conversation, Tune in now! #subscribe #YouTube | V: with Rudy Reyes discusses the Baltimore Ravens Saga that is Lamar Jackson and the non-exclusive franchise tag enabling him to seek other means of employment and much more. | V: with Rudy Reyes takes ranging from…the #NBA’s play-in tournament if it happened today, What teams down the stretch will become spoilers, and those who are looking to next year. #Liveat5 ! @TROPHYCASE__ Download your free recruiting app today! | V: with Rudy Reyes talking about the World Baseball Classic with MLB Reporter, J.P. Hoonstra [Twitter: @jphoornstra] on why Shohei Otani could be one of the best baseball players of all time helping the Japanese Baseball Club to its first #WBC優勝おめでとう win since 2009. | V: with Rudy Reyes welcomes discussing the NFL Top Draft picks heading into the 2023 NFL Draft and much more. @TROPHYCASE__ | V: with Rudy Reyes welcomes Danielle Martin of (Twitter: @Danielle138252), we discuss behaviors for all sports athletes, and how to aid those who are having issues being people first. How do they find their way back to normal and more. | V: with Rudy Reyes welcomes three-time SB Champ, @randycrossFB discussing the San Francisco #49ers needs heading into the 2023 #NFL Season, #FreeAgency, and much more at 5p PST/7p EST. Brought to you by these fantastic partners, @TROPHYCASE__ & @Saturdayscount | V: with Rudy Reyes discusses NFL FreeAgency and the Frenzy you may not know about this off-season! Brought to you by these fantastic partners, @TROPHYCASE__ & @Saturdayscount | V: with Rudy Reyes talking about the rule changes in Major League Baseball are they beneficial, who truly wins, will those larger bases have an unfair advantage, and much more 030123. | V: with Rudy Reyes discussing NHL Trades, big names and big moves heading into the NHL Trade Deadline ending Feb 3 at 3p EST/5p PST 022823. | V: with Rudy Reyes talking about the hot and the not in the #NBA after the all-star break, incl Damian Lillard’s 71 iron-busting pt drop against the #Rockets. #Lakers make it a game after the biggest deficit, last night over #Mavs | V: with Rudy Reyes interviewing Author of The Voices of Baseball: The Game’s Greatest Broadcasters, Kirk McKnight Reflect on America’s Pastime, Kirk McKnight provides an in-depth look at each of Major League Baseball’s thirty ballparks from the perspective of the game’s longest-tenured storytellers. | V: with Rudy Reyes discussing the non-Bears Trade of Justin Fields, the nothingness, the calamity, and the nonsense of trading a first-round pick for another in the 2023 #NFLDraft. Live at 5p PST on #twitter #facebook #linkedIn | V: with Rudy Reyes, preparing my report on the #Clippers buyout of Russell Westbrook from the #UtahJazz. What will work at Crypto arena that did not pan out with the #Lakers, We also speak with @bricey_2k on the #Hawks firing of Nate McMillan #nba at 5P PST #Twitterlive #therudedogshow #facebook #LinkedIn #truetoatlanta 022123. | with Rudy Reyes talking about the QB Free Agent Market of Lamar Jackson and Jimmy Garoppolo are among the two headliners among free-agent quarterbacks hitting the market in 2023. The tier below them includes Daniel Jones, Geno Smith, Mike White, Cooper Rush and Taylor Heinicke, all of whom have needed to step up to lead their teams in some form in 2022. | V: on YouTube with Rudy Reyes joined by Jesse Bradley talking all things USMNT, how Pulisic’s offense, timing and the “Captain America” status being just one piece of the puzzle beating Iran as they enter the World Cup, landmark decisions by the FCSS setting the precedence as they equalize womens’ and men’s pay, and much more 110322. | V: | with Rudy Reyes who welcomes Chris Ransom of Draft Utopia discussing all things Week 6 in the National Football League 101722. | V: with Rudy Reyes talking about the #NFL Concussion protocol, how it could have prevented #Dolphins starting QB Tua Tagovailoa from even being in the game, and revamping the NFL version. #TNFonPrime | V: with Rudy Reyes and Chris Ransom from Draft Utophia talking NFL Week 3, Tua’s Injury, Chargers ongoing injury struggles, Jaguars’ turnaround in the AFC South, and much more. | V: with Rudy Reyes recapping doubleheader Monday Night Football games between the Minnesota #Vikings facing off against the Philadelphia #Eagles at home and the Tennesee #Titans on the road against the Buffalo #Bills. | V: #MNF #espn

TheRudeDogShow with Rudy Reyes on the week that was in the NFL from monumental comebacks, horrible lossess, injuries. And a nugget from the NBA on Robert Sarver’s suspension for a year from the Phoenix Suns and more. | V: with Rudy Reyes ahead of Monday Night Football talking Chargers-Chiefs, injury reports, Brett Favre’s deceptions, and more #MNF #NFL #TNF #scandal #allegations | V: with Rudy Reyes talking NFL Week One, what did we see? Does defense win championships anymore?! Is Geno Smith a legit Starting QB in the NFL? #tunein #therudedogshow #MNF | V: with Rudy Reyes welcoming Greg Camarillo Former NFL WR w/ Chargers, Dolphins, Vikings & Saints as we discuss Los Angeles Rams versus the Buffalo Bills, who will win, and the NFL MVP Conversation. | V: | | with Rudy Reyes discussing Thursday Night Football when the LA Rams open up at home against the Buffalo Bills in Los Angeles at SoFi. | V: | YouTube: |#TNF #RamsHouse #BillsMafia #NFL #NFLTwitter

TheRudeDogShow with Rudy Reyes uncovering all things on this Tuesday being NFL Cut Day with some surprising cuts, trades, and keepers heading onto Practice Squads, Special Teams, the 53-Man Roster, and much more.| A:

TheRudeDogShow with Rudy Reyes talking NFL Preseason, 49ers keeping Jimmy G, backing up Trey Lance and no quarterback by committe in 2022, NFL news around the league and much more.

TheRudeDogShow with Rudy Reyes discussing news from the Los Angeles Lakers, as LeBron James has signed a two-year, $97.1 million dollar extension and now the highest paid played in the NBA, Pau Gasol, NBA Schedule and much more. | V:

TheRudeDogShow with Rudy Reyes discussing the Las Vegas Raiders off-season acquisition of DeVante Adams, what his presence means for Derek Carr, the Raiders wide receiving core, Carl Nassib finding another home in the NFL, Michael Sam, and much more. | V: 

TheRudeDogShow with Rudy Reyes discussing the Deshaun Watson debacle, why he wasn’t suspended the entire season, blind faith in face of winning for the Browns franchise and more. | V: | A:

TheRudeDogShow with Rudy Reyes digs into NFL Training Camp Battles, what teams will find their diamond in the rough while others find that the cream doesn’t always find its way to the top and much more.
TheRudeDogShow with Rudy Reyes diving in on the quarterback position in the NCAA and NFL Landscape, where it starts on the field, in the community and in the classroom compared to where it is now in today’s game. | A:

TheRudeDogShow with Rudy Reyes talking about everything #AFC #South, #Colts, #Duvall, #Texans, and #Titans. Who gets the best draft grade? and where do those teams stack up in 2022? | A:

TheRudeDogShow with Rudy Reyes previewing the NFC North and how these four teams will look versus how they did look in 2022 between coaching changes and the 2022 NFL Draft. Who will end up on top? or will they stay there long enough to make a playoff run?

TheRudeDogShow with Rudy Reyes talking about all things concerning the trade to the Carolina Panthers for Baker Mayfield, the Browns and the conundrum for Cleveland leaving them with more questions than answers, the NFC South and more. |


TheRudeDogShow with Rudy Reyes on Deshaun Watson, the fallout after the CBA seeks third party arbitrator to finalize the investigation, Bruce Arians Retirement and who knew before anyone else, what will Todd Bowles regular season reflect after being set up for success, and more.

.#ICYMI w/ Rudy Reyes welcomes former Pittsburgh Steelers Strong Safety, Robert Golden (Twitter: @R0bG0lden) about life after football, memories of Ben Roethlisberger, and much more. #zoom #therudedogshow #nfl #herewego

TheRudeDogShow with Rudy Reyes welcomes Sean Brown, an Offensive lineman who has had a historic run having played with Cedar Rapid Titans, Colorado Crush, Nebraska Danger. Philadelphia Soul, Salt Lake Stallion, LA Wildcats now the Philadelphia Stars all the while defining his skills, offensive line play, and the adversities he has faced along the way.

TheRudeDogShow with Rudy Reyes welcomes the betting guru, John Ryan, and Sports Personality, Sara Marshall to discuss all things in Week 17 in the NFL. | Audio:



TheRudeDogShow with Rudy Reyes welcomes Former Buffalo Bills Wide Receiver, Steve Tasker 120621. with Rudy Reyes on Rachel Bush, the wife of Bills safety Jordan Poyer demands NFL covid19 list fixed, Pollock’s heroics lift Dodgers in epic 16-inning, nearly six-hour win over Padres, American League and National League Standings and much more. | V: with Rudy Reyes discussing all things #NFL with Sara Marsh (Twitter: @smarshxo) 071721. w/ Rudy Reyes, welcomes 3 yr. #NFL @JuliusCPruitt1 (Former WR for the Miami Dolphins), #NFLDraft2021, setting the proper expectations for picks from 1 to 7 including the #UDFA who are looking at making an impact to stay 050221. | V: spoke with Former Baseball Slugger, Jason Kendall who was originally drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates n 1996–2004, Oakland Athletics in 2005–2007, with the Chicago Cubs in 2007, the Milwaukee Brewers in 2008–2009, and the Kansas City Royals in 2010. We hold a no hold’s barred approach to Major League Baseball, Cheating, Sign Stealing, and much more 021321. | V: with Rudy Reyes welcoming Danny Vietti of CBSSportsMLB talking all things baseball, including notable free-agent signing, MLB getting in their own way when the punishment should fit the crime, lack of internal investigative efforts by clubs hiring the wrong candidates, Spring Training and much more 030621. | Video: | Audio: with Rudy Reyes welcoming Mike Dempsey an #NFL alumni member of Carolina’s chapter, a survivor of the September 11th World Trade Center attacks, the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay shooting, talking about his philanthropy, his Dad and Daughter’s Show with his daughter Kellie who has Autism. embarking on a fundraising campaign to support a fight night event on June 5th in Hoboken, NJ with boxing legend ‘Gentleman’ Gerry Cooney. For 20 years he’s helped pro athletes with their charity events so they rely on him to either plan or bring more Pro talent and why people work with him because they know he’s just all about doing it for the right reasons 020221. V: 020221. | V: with Rudy Reyes welcomes Author, Pete Croatto discussing what the late 1970s NBA led by David Stern’s efforts handed the keys to Adam Silver into a new millennium, League stars who made the league what it is today, and much more 013121. | V: with Rudy Reyes speaking with @nflnetwork Reporter @wyche89 discussing the current coaching situation in the #NFL, #Chiefs vs #Buffalo #preview, #Packers face off against the #Bucs and much more 01/22/2021. | V: via @YouTube

After a strange and disappointing weekend in the Meadowlands, the Browns have to bounce back and beat their biggest rivals in order to earn a birth in the 2020 NFL Playoffs. George Wrighster III of Mad Dog Radio, Fox Sports Radio, and The Unafraid show join me to hash it all out…Plus Rudy Reyes of ‘The Rude Dog Show‘ joins to talk about the Steelers’ side of things…

Come and check out my appearance on @patvossofficial talking all things #NFL #Playoffs2020 #AFC & #NFC Breakdown! #gopackgo #ChiefsKingdom #buccaneers #HereWeGo with Rudy Reyes welcomes an All-Star Lineup, Former Steelers Linebacker LeVon Kirkland, “First Lady” Coach and Dr. in the NFL, Jen Welter, and Buffalo Bills Great JD Hills, and General Manager, Ryan Paepke from Conversion Monster to help knock out the needs for so many in the Buffalo, NY Area due to Covid. We’re raising $5000 to feed 100 families in Buffalo affected by COVID on Christmas, Visit StrikeOutHungerBuffalo with Rudy Reyes welcoming Jake Rongholt from @BothSidesSports discussing what happened between the Pittsburgh Steelers and The Washington Football Club. the Steelers leaving too much to be desired offensively with drops, a near non-existent running game, and what the Washington Football Club did right. Coaches who are non the hot seat versus those who deserve to be, and much more 120820. with Rudy Reyes who welcomes @KendrickPerkins #Rondo #nfl  #mentalmechanics #bills #raiders 103020. with Rudy Reyes talking with @marckestecher about Game 3 of the #NBAFinals @heydb @ESPNNBA @NBAonESPNRadio @lakers @MiamiHEAT | with Rudy Reyes hosted @wyo_football Senior Wide Receiver @AydenEberhardt discussing the postponed season, redshirting, the social climate at Wyoming and much more 092020. | V: with Rudy Reyes speaking to @EricDickerson about his #NFL career with the Los Angeles Rams, #HOF@cfbhall entry and much more 08312020.

#covid #socialchange #discussion #podernfamily with Rudy Reyes welcomes Former Atlanta Falcon, Kynan Forney talking about his experience helping Current Falcons Lineman Chris Lindstrom, and how he has helped many others seeking offensive line work despite Covdi19 closing training cams, OTA’s and much more 080320. with Rudy Reyes welcoming former Cornerback for the Washington Redskins, Fred Smoot who is fired up as we talk about the possibility of the name, “Red Wolves” being used as the new “nickname’ for the current Washington Football Club, the apology letter from Dan Snyder’s wife to all the allegedly harassed victims, and does the team get punished by the NFL 07182020. | V: with Rudy Reyes joined by Mark Gubicza discussing the upcoming season for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Do they get a series sweep against the Mariners or Athletics to kick things off? Is Joe Maddon the missing piece to create the success the organization is looking for and much more 071320. | V: with Rudy Reyes joined by Former Steelers Running Back, Verron Haynes discussing Bud Duprees’ contract situation, Ben Roethlisberger coming back with a vengeance, the Pittsburgh Steelers 2020 NFL Draft picks and where they should be graded and much more 071220. with Rudy Reyes welcomes Danny Vietti (Twitter: @DannyVietti) of @CBSSportsMLB discussing the upcoming season, players who have opted out, how Major League Baseball can further the playing season by informing and educating players in a more timely fashion and much more 070620. | V: with Rudy Reyes welcomes Dan Hellie of The NFL Network discussing Cam Newton and his new home with The New England Patriots, How will NFL Stadiums look in 2020, we also discuss the top 3 teams who didn’t make the playoffs last season that will make it this year and much more 062920. | V: with Rudy Reyes welcomes Free Agent Defensive Tackle, Mike Daniels discussing his time with the Detroit Lions having to humble himself in a new organization, and locker room. We also talk about his college days having to play with a chip on his shoulder, how it translated into being a Pro Bowl player with the Green Bay Packers and much more! 052820 with Rudy Reyes welcomes @CharlesWoodson discussing sports changing before our eyes, how the NFL landscape has changed #COVIDー19, #NFLDraft winners and losers and much more! #packers #raiders #nfl #interceptwines #HOF #heisman

V: with Rudy Reyes welcomes Harley Watkins to discuss his time playing with the Indianapolis Enforcers and Team America, aspirations playing at the next level albeit the National Football League, adversities in life outside of football, the loss of his grandfather, and much more. | Video: with Rudy Reyes welcomes Former 10 year #NFL Veteran, @NolanHarrison74 021220. | A: #raiders #herewego #httr #nflpa

Rudy Reyes welcomes Sam Farmer of The LA Times to discuss how the Lakers organization created the most heartbreaking yet fantastic tribute to the late Kobe Bryant, also how the effect of his passing has been felt throughout the sporting world including the NFL where they lost one of there own when news spread about the passing of the late great HOF Defensive End, Christopher John Doleman and much more 02012020.| A:

TheRudeDogShow with Rudy Reyes welcomes @BizballMaury on the #Astros turmoil, firings & fallout 011320 | A:

TheRudeDogShow with Rudy Reyes speaks with Hall Of Fame Coach Mike Ditka 121419. | A:

Rudy Reyes with @ArmchairQBapp on #WAOC #CBS Sports Radio discussing #NFL Playoffs, #CFPlayoff picks, #Heisman Watch and much more 121019. | A:

#TheRudeDogShow with Rudy Reyes discussing #TNF Recap of #Colts vs #Texans, #NFL Week 12 and much more 112219. | A:

#TheRudeDogShow with Rudy Reyes welcomes Mitch Abrams Psy-D discussing, “When Good Athletes Go Bad.” What can be done to help curtail these athletes from becoming a danger to themselves and others 110419| A: 

#TheRudeDogShow with Rudy Reyes discussing Houston #Astros backstop flash to Gerrit Cole, #NFL stock rises and falls with every win, Preview of #MNF preview between the Miami #Dolphins travelling to Heinz Field to take on the Pittsburgh #Steelers 102819. | A:

Rudy Reyes joined by Tucker Dale Booth on The Battle For L.A. between the #Clippers and #Lakers who won and why 102319 #therudedogshow #nba #kawhi #james #ad | A:

A Ghost Tale: @Patriots vs @Jets Monday Night Football Recap #jets #mnf #nfl #patriots #therudedogshow | A:

#TheRudeDogShow with Rudy Reyes talking about Game One #NLCS #Cards vs. #Nats 101219 | A:

Rudy Reyes with Tucker Dale Booth discussing #NFL Wk Four, #MLB and much more on 100619.

#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes welcomes back @tuckerdalebooth to discuss #NBAFinals the Free Agency landscape that will change due Kevin Durant’s injury, if not, who will be in more demand? Who are your Top greatest #NBA players & more #dubnation #wethenorth 061119. | A:

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#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes welcomes Pittsburgh #Steelers Defensive Tackle/End Tyson Alualu talking about his draft night, time with the Jaguars, expectations for the upcoming season, his relationship w ⁦‪@tpolamalu‬⁩ 042219 by @RudeDogEnt @simovichci | A:

#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes welcomes back @Pierre_Desir, @Colts Premier Cornerback on life, dance on, a new three year contract, his journey five years later, and much more 041919 by @RudeDogEnt, LLC. | A:

#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes discussing baseball with Rick Curti CEO of the #Carolina #Bats 041519 by @RudeDogEnt, LLC. | A:

#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes on #NBA #Playoffs, #Lakers and Magic Johnson’s untimely departure. Where do the Jeannie Buss and the Lakers franchise do heading into next season, will Rob Polinka’s role expand, What will happen with Head Coach Luke Walton moving forward and will he be kept on board, Who would quite possibly fill the position left vacant, Shaq? Mark Jackson? 041019. | A:

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#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes welcomes Tucker Dale Booth talking about who will not only win #TheMasters between the sexy pick of Rory McIlroy, an unknown finisher in Dustin Johnson or perhaps even the comeback player who is familiar with the plateau in Tiger Woods, perhaps an unknown winner will rise and win not only a nice green jacket but $11 million dollars 041019. | A:

| Rudy Reyes welcomes on success, life, Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick, his new book and much more 040819.| A: 

#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes w/ @TuckerDaleBooth on #Sweet16, #NBA Playoffs, #NFL #FreeAgency & more 032619. Go follow @SimkovichCI for all of your concussion symptoms and questions #wellness #mentalhealth #nfl #nba | A:

#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes welcomes @TuckerDaleBooth on NCAA Tourney, Duke and Zion, NFL Free Agency Winners, Players behaving badly, Connor McGregor’s Irish whiskey endeavors and much 031919. #zion #duke #ncaa #nfl #freeagency #winners #ufc #mcgregor | A:

#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes on #NBA w/ @TuckerDaleBooth, #Lakers-#Clippers playoff chances, #Warriors-#Bucks the best team in the conference and much more 022819. | A:

Robert Kraft arrested for two counts of solicitation of prostitution.

TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes on @Patriots Owner Robert Kraft arrested on charges of solicitation for prostitution 022219. kraft spagate kraftgate prostitution possible inflation sextrafficking | A:

#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes welcomes Author| (Retired) Army Colonel Steve Alexander 021319. #nflalumni #nfl #military #sports #football #books #longwood #movie @jharrison9292@therock | A:

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#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes w/ Tucker Dale Booth talking NFL Coaching Carousel, NFC-AFC Divisional Rounds Who Wins and Why? Super Bowl 53 picks 011019. | A:

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#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes and @TuckerDaleBooth on #NFL coach firings, Final Week in the NFL’s Regular Season and more 123018. | A:

#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes sits down with #AlabamaState Defensive lineman [Twitter: @guap_11] Ismael Aurismond about the upcoming 2019 #NFL #Draft in Atlanta. We discuss off-season preparations, strengths, weaknesses, family, faith, football and much more. | A:

#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes welcomes Pittsburgh Steelers and Detroit Lions Quarterback Charlie Batch about the opportunities for him to give back in the local Pittsburgh Community with the platform he’s be given. You can find out much more on Charlie and myself discuss this current three game skid with a huge opportunity to right the ship this Sunday at home against the New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, and Cincinnati Bengals. We talk about the experiences between handing it off to the illusive Pittsburgh Steelers Running Back, Jerome Bettis and The Great Detroit Lions Running Back, Barry Sanders. We discuss and how it’s currently helping athletes with bio-metrics, and much more. Find out more about my sponsor at | A:

#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes welcomes Lew Freedman talking #sports, #books and more 121318. #lamotta #ragingbull #hero #medalofhonor #billcody 12.13.18. | A:

#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes discussing #concussions – #CTE w/ Dr. Charlie Simkovich of We discuss myth versus legend in the case of what to do when someone encounters a concussion, inner workings as to the repair mechanism, and relate my own concussion symptoms and recovery 121118 | A:

#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes w/ @TuckerDaleBooth on #NFL Wk 14 #news #notes and more 121118. | A: #raiders #herewego #gopatsgo #phinsup #gopackgo #mccarthy #firing

#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes with @tuckerdalebooth on a very fast review of the #NFL in Week 13, Including Hunt’s dismissal by the #Chiefs #Rams #NFC West #Championship run, Injury updates, #HereWeGo take on the Los Angeles #Chargers on #SNF 120218. | A:

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#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes welcomes @TuckerDaleBooth talking sports news, #DwightHoward #trans coming out, #49ers #ReubenFoster release #NFL week 12 and more. | A:

#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes w/ @TuckerDaleBooth talking #MMA, #NBA trades-injuries, #NFL WK 9 110418. | A: #ravens #steelers #dolphins #texans #cowboys #bears #bills #bucs #panthers #chiefs #browns #jets #lions #vikings #redskins #falcons #broncos #chargers

#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes speaking to Team on evolving players, instilling confidence and allowing room for growth as an organization. [Part I] | A:

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#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes w/ Coach Anthony Weems & Offensive Coordinator Tyrone Barnes of the Atlanta Horsemen discussing the winning nuances, pitfalls of losing, what it takes to get back on the horse and ride in football 101718. [Part III] | A:

          #TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes discussing all things #NFL incl #Wildcard possibilities and more 101018. #NFC #AFC #East #West #South #North | A:

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         #TheRudeDogShow w/ @tuckerdalebooth talking about lives and changes including struggles and triumphs along the way        090218.| V: | A:

#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes welcomes @Ej_5447 discussing his #AAF opportunity, free agency, Major League Football failure and @Cjcrosscourt on the new helmet rule, #NFL players needing to adjust and much more 081918. | A:

#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes speaks to James Ackel of @athleticreform and Six-time Ironman Champion, Mark Allen on the connection of fitness with our mind, body, and soul 081818. | Audio:

#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes talking w/ Tucker Dale Booth on Tiger Woods’ efforts after leading for the majority of the tournament ending up tieing for 6th at “The Open”, while Franky Molinari “The Italian Stallion” on his U.S. Open win after trailing and next to golf obscurity as a player could get, a moment of silence for the late Tony Sparano after his passing this morning at the age of 56, The Pittsburgh Pirates winners of nine in a row, and Head Coach Clint Hurdle not throwing in the white flag and be submitted continue to fight with what’s working, and PAC12 summer conferences around the corner 072218. |

TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes with Coach @Diamond_Weaver on his time w the Pittsburgh Steelers and what he learned while being around other positions coaches, Head Coach Mike Tomlin’s hospitality, and how he was able to transition into and apply his knowledge as a position coach now with the  @BlackBearsFB in a tough Colonial Conference. Understanding the uphill battle he faces with a new batch of freshman players, helping them understand that they’ll face adversities but more importantly how to handle them 070918. |

#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes w/ @CoachCrick @diamond_weaver @TopDawg05 and @tuckerdalebooth

Rudy R. Reyes ?? (@rudedogreyes) July 8, 2018

TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes welcomes Kevin Whiteside talking about his role as a mentor, coach, teaching skills and recognizing personal improvements which can be interpreted as his readiness to teach in the collegiate level and beyond. Middle Linebacker who attends San Gorgonio High School – Senior defenseman Isiaha Mitchell who plans of honoring his mom’s memory by continuing excellence in high school and how he intends on becoming that much better in his senior season on his way to earning a scholarship. Troy Bly & Anthony Alston on prison reform and hopeful clemency for Charles “Duke” Tanner. NBA and the Lakers situation with the new-look, additions of Lebron, Stephenson, and Rondo, also PGA insight with Tucker Dale Booth 070818. |

TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes talking NBA Free Agency, Does Lonzo fit in this scheme moving forward now that the Lakers went out an picked up Rajon Rondo, Lance Stephenson turns away from whistling in Lebron James ear to talking about game plans this upcoming season, Who outshined who between Kyle Kuzma and Ball? and Is it even a question, how many games do the Lakers win this upcoming season, and is the asking price for Kawhi Leonard too high? or is it just right? 

#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes talking #NBA is Lonzo on a s…

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#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes discussing the speculation of the #nba #freeagency with @General_MP

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#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes talking w/ @General_MP on #NBA #FreeAgency and more 070118. | Audio: | Video:

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#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes w/ @LeftyWilliams42, his family, #Dare2Dream, C.J., E.J., Kiara, Shyneefa, himself and much more 063018. | #Dare2Dream #HarlemDream #Family

#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes discussing @_pdxboy_52 #packers career and how he’s assisting other athletes 062318. | V:

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#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes & @_pdxboy_52 on his #NFL career, @Prolinked1 and how he’s assisting other athletes 062318.| Audio:

TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes welcomes Josh Lemoine [@LsuFBallTruth] on LSU, SEC West, Recruitment, Coach Ed Orgeron, where the university may rank by acquiring top tier play makers in 2019 and much more 061118. | V: | A:

TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes welcomes Tucker Dale Booth discussing the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers. Did officiating play a role in the outcomes and if so, did the right players play through it? was it simply because the Cavaliers outplayed by a much deeper and more talented. | Terrell Owens Hall of Fame snub after his personal and lengthy ploy to get into Canton, OH | Kaepernick’s not following up with a movement he started, then suggests he’d sue the White House of collusion and much more 060918. 

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