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#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes with @tuckerdalebooth on a very fast review of the #NFL in Week 13, Including Hunt’s dismissal by the #Chiefs #Rams #NFC West #Championship run, Injury updates, #HereWeGo take on the Los Angeles #Chargers on #SNF 120218.

#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes w/ @dhellingsports on #NHL Concussion settlement and more 112818.

#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes welcomes @TuckerDaleBooth talking sports news, #DwightHoward #trans coming out, #49ers #ReubenFoster release #NFL week 12 and more.

#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes w/ @TuckerDaleBooth talking #MMA, #NBA trades-injuries, #NFL WK 9 110418. #ravens #steelers #dolphins #texans #cowboys #bears #bills #bucs #panthers #chiefs #browns #jets #lions #vikings #redskins #falcons #broncos #chargers

#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes speaking to Team on evolving players, instilling confidence and allowing room for growth as an organization. [Part I]

#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes speaking to Bobby Morgan and Eric Brown of 101718. [Part II]

#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes w/ Coach Anthony Weems & Offensive Coordinator Tyrone Barnes of the Atlanta Horsemen discussing the winning nuances, pitfalls of losing, what it takes to get back on the horse and ride in football 101718. [Part III]

          #TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes discussing all things #NFL incl #Wildcard possibilities and more 101018. #NFC #AFC #East #West #South #North

| Rudy Reyes w/ @tuckerdalebooth a finale you want to tune in to watch! Don’t miss this! !!!!!

— Rudy R. Reyes 📺 (@rudedogreyes) September 3, 2018.

         #TheRudeDogShow w/ @tuckerdalebooth talking about lives and changes including struggles and triumphs along the way        090218.| Video: | Audio:

#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes welcomes @Ej_5447 discussing his #AAF opportunity, free agency, Major League Football failure and @Cjcrosscourt on the new helmet rule, #NFL players needing to adjust and much more 081918. | Audio:

#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes speaks to James Ackel of @athleticreform and Six-time Ironman Champion, Mark Allen on the connection of fitness with our mind, body, and soul 081818. | Audio:

TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes talking w/ Tucker Dale Booth on Tiger Woods’ efforts after leading for the majority of the tournament ending up tieing for 6th at “The Open”, while Franky Molinari “The Italian Stallion” on his U.S. Open win after trailing and next to golf obscurity as a player could get, a moment of silence for the late Tony Sparano after his passing this morning at the age of 56, The Pittsburgh Pirates winners of nine in a row, and Head Coach Clint Hurdle not throwing in the white flag and be submitted continue to fight with what’s working, and PAC12 summer conferences around the corner 072218. |

TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes with Coach @Diamond_Weaver on his time w the Pittsburgh Steelers and what he learned while being around other positions coaches, Head Coach Mike Tomlin’s hospitality, and how he was able to transition into and apply his knowledge as a position coach now with the  @BlackBearsFB in a tough Colonial Conference. Understanding the uphill battle he faces with a new batch of freshman players, helping them understand that they’ll face adversities but more importantly how to handle them 070918. |

#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes w/ @CoachCrick @diamond_weaver @TopDawg05 and @tuckerdalebooth

Rudy R. Reyes 🎙🌟 (@rudedogreyes) July 8, 2018

TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes welcomes Kevin Whiteside talking about his role as a mentor, coach, teaching skills and recognizing personal improvements which can be interpreted as his readiness to teach in the collegiate level and beyond. Middle Linebacker who attends San Gorgonio High School – Senior defenseman Isiaha Mitchell who plans of honoring his mom’s memory by continuing excellence in high school and how he intends on becoming that much better in his senior season on his way to earning a scholarship. Troy Bly & Anthony Alston on prison reform and hopeful clemency for Charles “Duke” Tanner. NBA and the Lakers situation with the new-look, additions of Lebron, Stephenson, and Rondo, also PGA insight with Tucker Dale Booth 070818. |

TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes talking NBA Free Agency, Does Lonzo fit in this scheme moving forward now that the Lakers went out an picked up Rajon Rondo, Lance Stephenson turns away from whistling in Lebron James ear to talking about game plans this upcoming season, Who outshined who between Kyle Kuzma and Ball? and Is it even a question, how many games do the Lakers win this upcoming season, and is the asking price for Kawhi Leonard too high? or is it just right? 

#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes talking #NBA is Lonzo on a s…

— Rudy R. Reyes 🎙🌟 (@rudedogreyes) July 7, 2018

#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes discussing the speculation of the #nba #freeagency with @General_MP

— Rudy R. Reyes 🎙🌟 (@rudedogreyes) July 1, 2018

#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes talking w/ @General_MP on #NBA #FreeAgency and more 070118. | Audio: | Video:

Watch on #Periscope: #TuneIn now to #TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes welcome @LeftyWilliams42 and 👪 to discuss #Dare2Dream

— Rudy R. Reyes 🎙🌟 (@rudedogreyes) June 30, 2018

#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes w/ @LeftyWilliams42, his family, #Dare2Dream, C.J., E.J., Kiara, Shyneefa, himself and much more 063018. | #Dare2Dream #HarlemDream #Family

#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes discussing @_pdxboy_52 #packers career and how he’s assisting other athletes 062318. | V:

— Rudy R. Reyes 🎙🌟 (@rudedogreyes) June 23, 2018

#TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes & @_pdxboy_52 on his #NFL career, @Prolinked1 and how he’s assisting other athletes 062318.| Audio:

TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes welcomes Josh Lemoine [@LsuFBallTruth] on LSU, SEC West, Recruitment, Coach Ed Orgeron, where the university may rank by acquiring top tier play makers in 2019 and much more 061118. | V: | A:

TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes welcomes Tucker Dale Booth discussing the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers. Did officiating play a role in the outcomes and if so, did the right players play through it? was it simply because the Cavaliers outplayed by a much deeper and more talented. | Terrell Owens Hall of Fame snub after his personal and lengthy ploy to get into Canton, OH | Kaepernick’s not following up with a movement he started, then suggests he’d sue the White House of collusion and much more 060918. 

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