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FFC Capital Ventures, Inc. 

Be part of the movement to bring change and empowerment

“Be part of the movement to bring change and empowerment“ Understanding what life is like after your sport as you transition into Business, including Personal Development programs” which means that you will never be taken advantage of and a proud partner of #TheRudeDogShow.

You will learn a variety of life tools including: “Understanding TAXES and KEEPING their money”.If you are thinking of retiring, or a current athlete who is trying to plan for life after sports to help secure your families future.

Many questions are asked such as, “What if an athlete could reduce their taxes by 60% minimum?

Allow FFC Capital Ventures, Inc. assist you in life…for life.

Twitter: @FFCCapital


Follow:   on Twitter and if you want 10% off any purchase use Promo Code: “RudeDog”. Because everyone wants what the pros use, don’t you?

AthELITE Scouting is a full service Pro Football Scouting service that helps players sign with Pro Indoor Football Teams. AthELITE Scouting also helps players currently on indoor football rosters to be marketed and exposed to other larger leagues. Not only do we help market players to teams, we also consult to players and help create an efficient plan to maximize your exposure and create tryout schedules.

AthELITE Scouting will help with every aspect of the process for your improve your professional career.

Join today and “Be An AthELITE“.