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Episode 12: MotorMan & RudeDog @takenopunches discussing Big League players dropping out of MLB’s Shortened Season, the shortened NFL Pre-season games, the only team in the NFL “not named” Redskins and the name controversy, being the right decision to cancel the MLB 2020 All-Star Game and much more 07132020. | V:

Listen to Episode 11: MotorMan RudeDog, Scott and myself discuss the New England Patriots signing of QB Cam Newton. The COVID-19 death toll has surpassed the 500,000 mark worldwide. We’ll talk about how that will ultimately affect sports. Finally, On Sunday, The Mississippi Legislators made history in 4 hours by deciding to change the state flag. There is no doubt that the NCAA and SEC said there would be no championships held there. We’ll talk about how money rules and much more 062920. | V:

Listen to Episode 10: Motor Man & RudeDog on @takenopunches – How #Covid_19 continues to shape the sports world as we know it

Listen to Episode 9: Motor Man & RudeDog on @takenopunches discussing why sports aren’t dead they are hanging on by a defibrillator. | A:

Listen to Episode 8: Motor Man & RudeDog on @takenopunches discussing the coaching vacancies, NFL Playoffs and very touching tributes to Don Larsen, David Stern and Carley McCord 010320. | A:

Listen to Episode 4: Motor Man & RudeDog on @takenopunches talking NFL Playoffs, who is in..who is out, who is looking in, coaching changes and much more 122619. | A:

Listen to Episode 3: MotorMan and RudeDog on @takenopunches

previewing #TNF Matchup as the Oakland Raiders take on the Los Angeles Chargers in a key #AFCWest showdown  | A:

@takenopunches Scott and Rudy talk about tonight’s Monday Night Football Contest between the Baltimore #Ravens and the LA #Rams #MNF 112519. | A:

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