MotorMan & RudeDog

Listen to Episode 9: Motor Man & RudeDog on @takenopunches discussing why sports aren’t dead they are hanging on by a defibrillator. | A:

Listen to Episode 8: Motor Man & RudeDog on @takenopunches discussing the coaching vacancies, NFL Playoffs and very touching tributes to Don Larsen, David Stern and Carley McCord 010320. | A:

Listen to Episode 4: Motor Man & RudeDog on @takenopunches talking NFL Playoffs, who is in..who is out, who is looking in, coaching changes and much more 122619. | A:

Listen to Episode 3: MotorMan and RudeDog on @takenopunches

previewing #TNF Matchup as the Oakland Raiders take on the Los Angeles Chargers in a key #AFCWest showdown  | A:

@takenopunches Scott and Rudy talk about tonight’s Monday Night Football Contest between the Baltimore #Ravens and the LA #Rams #MNF 112519. | A:

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