Ken And Kitty

Tune in to Episode 6 of the Ken & Kitty Show. I hack the show and magically appear before your very eyes, “live.” Check out this episode, it is PURE podcast gold.

Tune in to, Episode 08, Rude Dog in Cali fills in for Kitty. California boy realizes he doesn’t know what a Mangrove is, and so we’re going to ship him a Manatee! Sanibel is being saved by…???

Tune in to, Episode 10 of the Ken & Kitty Show. Everything about Christmas from bad gifts to the best gifts and everything in between. 

We missed the Fems! Really? I thought New Years Day was a workday! Episode 11 me and Rudy Reyes, the Rude Dog try to save the day. Sorry for the result. … play now! 😆

Fashionista Tess Iandola joins us to bust our chops…and wardrobe, and other manly things on Episode 12.