2017 Espys

When you start off thinking what the Espys are, you would be surprised to learn that this is an opportunity to meet, greet, network, and speak to today’s sport athletes and find out what they are like first hand. This is my first hand experience not only meeting athletes’ from all around the globe to gain their perspective as to what being at this event means to them whether it was their first time or their twenty-fifth time.

The Red Carpet was exactly what it’s cracked up to be being at the 2017 ESPY Awards having interviewing today’s hottest sports athletes and ESPY nominees among many others for 

TheRudeDogShow | Rudy Reyes going in-depth on a variety of ESPY Experiences, First hand accounts of what it’s like with interviews on the “Red Carpet” with well-known sports icons such as Michael Wilbon from ESPN “Pardon The Interruption”, Mike Daniels from the Green Bay Packers Defensive End, Devonta Freeman Running Back for The Atlanta Falcons and much much more EP164 071317.
|A: http://bit.ly/2tR1zFd |V: http://bit.ly/2unFMYC

NFL Athletes:

Rudy Reyes live at the Espys talking with Mike Daniels [Defensive End, Packers] 071217. http://bit.ly/2uW03BR

Rudy Reyes live at the Espy’s with Malcolm Jenkins [Safety, Philadelphia Eagles] 071217. http://bit.ly/2tQ7WbS

Rudy Reyes live at the Espy’s with Chris Harris, Jr. [Cornerback, Denver Broncos] 071217. http://bit.ly/2tiU2Nm

Rudy Reyes at the Espy’s speaking with A.J. Bouye [Cornerback, Jacksonville Jaguars] 071217. http://bit.ly/2udshKR

Rudy Reyes live at the Espy’s interviewing Devonta Freeman [Running Back, Atlanta Falcons] 071217. http://bit.ly/2uiTpre

NBA Athletes:

Rudy Reyes live at the Espys speaking with Corey Brewer [PG-SF, Lakers] 071217. http://bit.ly/2uiRrXK

ESPN Sports Journalist:

Rudy Reyes live at the @Espys speaking to @RealMikeWilbon of @ESPN 071217. http://bit.ly/2t7j1rV

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